When pests invade your Marietta, Georgia business, it's more than just a nuisance – it's a threat to your livelihood. That's where we come in. We specialize in connecting local businesses in Marietta and surrounding areas with reliable commercial pest control services. Our network of commercial Marietta pest control companies is equipped to handle a variety of common pests found in Marietta, including ants, rodents, roaches, termites, and bedbugs.

Our commercial exterminators in Marietta, Georgia offer a range of services tailored to your business's needs. Whether you're dealing with a current infestation or looking to prevent future problems, our commercial pest control experts in Marietta can provide solutions that fit your budget and schedule. From routine inspections and treatments to emergency commercial extermination service, we've got you covered. Serving businesses not only in Marietta but also in neighboring cities like Smyrna, Kennesaw, and Roswell, as well as Cobb County, our Marietta commercial pest exterminators are dedicated to keeping your workplace pest-free and your business running smoothly. Trust us to protect your reputation and your bottom line with effective and efficient pest control solutions.

Commercial Pest Control Services in Marietta, Georgia

1. Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach combines proactive strategies and targeted treatments to effectively manage pests while minimizing environmental impact. Through regular inspections, identification of pest hotspots, and implementation of preventive measures, we aim to address pest issues before they escalate.

2. Cockroach Control

Cockroaches are a common nuisance in commercial settings, posing health risks and tarnishing your business's reputation. Our commercial exterminators in Marietta, Georgia, employ proven methods to eradicate cockroach infestations, including baiting, insecticide treatments, and sealing entry points to prevent reinfestation.

3. Ant Extermination

Ants can quickly become a problem in commercial spaces, infiltrating food areas and causing damage to property. Our Marietta commercial pest exterminators utilize advanced techniques to eliminate ant colonies, including perimeter treatments, baiting systems, and nest removal, ensuring long-term control.

4. Rodent Control

Rodents such as rats and mice can contaminate food supplies, damage structures, and pose serious health hazards. Our commercial pest control experts in Marietta employ a combination of trapping, baiting, and exclusion methods to eliminate rodent infestations and prevent future incursions.

5. Termite Inspection and Treatment

Termites can wreak havoc on commercial properties, causing extensive structural damage that can be costly to repair. Our team conducts thorough termite inspections using advanced technology to detect early signs of infestation. We then implement targeted treatment plans, including liquid termiticides and baiting systems, to eradicate termites and protect your property.

6. Bed Bug Extermination

Bed bugs can quickly spread throughout commercial establishments, causing discomfort to guests and customers. Our experienced technicians utilize heat treatments, insecticides, and thorough inspections to eliminate bed bug infestations efficiently and discreetly, allowing your business to maintain its reputation.

7. Flea and Tick Control

Fleas and ticks can pose a threat to both employees and customers, especially in businesses that cater to pets or outdoor activities. Our pest control services in Marietta include targeted treatments to eliminate fleas and ticks from your commercial property, ensuring a safe and comfortable environment for everyone.

8. Fly Management

Flies not only annoy customers and employees but also pose a health risk by spreading disease-causing pathogens. Our commercial exterminators employ a variety of methods, including fly baits, traps, and sanitation measures, to effectively manage fly populations and prevent infestations.

9. Mosquito Reduction

Mosquitoes can be a nuisance for outdoor businesses such as restaurants, bars, and event venues. Our pest control experts in Marietta utilize larvicides, adulticides, and habitat modification techniques to reduce mosquito populations and create a more enjoyable environment for patrons.

10. Spider Control

While most spiders are harmless, their presence can still deter customers and employees. Our team employs targeted treatments and exclusion methods to eliminate spiders from your commercial property, ensuring a safe and welcoming environment for all.

11. Wasp and Hornet Removal

Wasp and hornet nests near your commercial property can pose a threat to safety and cause anxiety among customers and employees. Our technicians are trained to safely remove nests and implement preventive measures to deter future infestations.

12. Stored Product Pest Management

Stored product pests such as beetles and moths can contaminate food supplies and damage packaging in commercial settings such as warehouses and grocery stores. Our pest control services include thorough inspections, sanitation measures, and targeted treatments to prevent stored product pest infestations.

13. Bird Control

Birds can create sanitation issues, damage property, and pose health risks through their droppings. Our team offers humane bird control solutions, including bird netting, spikes, and repellents, to deter birds from roosting and nesting on your commercial property.

14. Commercial Fumigation

In cases of severe infestations or when dealing with certain pests such as stored product pests, commercial fumigation may be necessary. Our experts utilize state-of-the-art fumigation techniques to safely and effectively eliminate pests from your commercial property while minimizing disruption to your business operations.

15. Sanitation Consulting

Maintaining proper sanitation practices is essential for preventing pest infestations in commercial settings. Our team provides consulting services to help businesses develop and implement effective sanitation protocols tailored to their specific needs, reducing the risk of pest problems.

16. Restaurant Pest Control

Restaurants face unique challenges when it comes to pest control due to the presence of food and high foot traffic. Our specialized restaurant pest control services focus on preventing and eliminating pests such as rodents, cockroaches, and flies, ensuring compliance with health and safety regulations.

17. Hotel Pest Management

Hotels and hospitality establishments must maintain a pest-free environment to uphold their reputation and ensure guest satisfaction. Our hotel pest management services include comprehensive inspections, targeted treatments, and ongoing monitoring to address pest issues discreetly and effectively.

18. Retail Store Pest Control

Pests can damage merchandise, contaminate inventory, and drive away customers in retail environments. Our retail store pest control services are designed to protect your products and reputation by implementing proactive pest management strategies tailored to the unique needs of your business.

19. Office Building Pest Prevention

Pests in office buildings can disrupt productivity, create a negative work environment, and damage property. Our office building pest prevention services focus on identifying and addressing pest vulnerabilities, implementing preventive measures, and providing ongoing monitoring to keep pests at bay.

20. Warehouse Pest Solutions

Warehouses are susceptible to pest infestations due to the large amounts of stored goods and potential entry points for pests. Our warehouse pest solutions include comprehensive inspections, targeted treatments, and integrated pest management strategies to protect your inventory and maintain a pest-free environment.

Commercial Centipede Extermination in Marietta, Georgia

If you're dealing with a centipede infestation at your commercial property in Marietta, Georgia, you're not alone. These creepy crawlers can quickly become a nuisance, causing distress to employees and customers alike. However, with the help of our commercial exterminators in Marietta, Georgia, you can effectively rid your establishment of these pests and create a safer, more comfortable environment for all.

Understanding Centipedes

Centipedes are elongated arthropods with numerous legs, typically ranging from 15 to 177 pairs. Despite their name, centipedes do not actually have a hundred legs; this is a common misconception. These creatures are nocturnal and prefer damp, dark environments, making commercial properties in Marietta, Georgia, particularly susceptible to infestations, especially in basements, crawl spaces, and other moisture-rich areas.

Signs of a Centipede Infestation

Identifying a centipede infestation is crucial for prompt eradication. Some common signs include:


Seeing centipedes, especially during the daytime, is a clear indication of an infestation. They may be found crawling along walls, floors, or other surfaces.

Shed Exoskeletons

As centipedes grow, they shed their exoskeletons. Finding these discarded shells around your property suggests an active centipede population.

Strange Odors

In severe infestations, centipedes may emit a foul odor. If you notice any unusual smells in your commercial space, it could be a sign of a hidden infestation.

Other Pest Activity

Centipedes often prey on other pests, such as insects and spiders. An increase in other pest activity may indicate the presence of centipedes.

The Importance of Professional Extermination

While DIY methods may offer temporary relief, they often fail to address the root cause of the infestation. Our Marietta commercial pest exterminators have the knowledge, experience, and tools necessary to effectively eliminate centipedes from your property and prevent future invasions. Here's why professional extermination is crucial:

Tailored Solutions

Our commercial pest control experts in Marietta understand that every infestation is unique. They will conduct a thorough inspection of your property to identify the extent of the problem and develop a customized treatment plan tailored to your specific needs.


Attempting to eradicate centipedes on your own can be dangerous, especially if chemical treatments are involved. Our exterminators are trained in the safe and proper use of pest control products, minimizing the risk to you, your employees, and your customers.

Long-Term Prevention

In addition to eliminating existing centipede populations, our Marietta commercial exterminators will implement preventive measures to keep them from returning. This may include sealing entry points, reducing moisture levels, and implementing ongoing monitoring and maintenance.

Our Approach to Centipede Extermination

When you enlist the help of our commercial pest control experts in Marietta, you can expect a comprehensive approach to centipede extermination:


Our team will conduct a detailed inspection of your property to identify the source of the infestation and assess any contributing factors, such as moisture issues or structural vulnerabilities.


Based on our findings, we will develop a targeted treatment plan using a combination of methods, such as baits, sprays, and dusts, to effectively eliminate centipedes from your property.


Once the infestation has been eradicated, we will work with you to implement preventive measures to minimize the risk of future infestations, such as sealing cracks and crevices, improving ventilation, and maintaining proper sanitation practices.


Our commitment to your satisfaction doesn't end with the initial treatment. We will schedule follow-up visits to ensure that the centipede infestation has been fully resolved and provide any additional support or recommendations as needed.

Don't let a centipede infestation compromise the safety and comfort of your commercial property in Marietta, Georgia. With the help of our experienced commercial exterminators, you can rid your establishment of these pests for good and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your space is clean, safe, and pest-free. Contact us today to schedule an inspection and take the first step towards effective centipede extermination.

Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Pest Control in Marietta, Georgia

What are the common pests found in commercial establishments in Marietta?

Common pests in Marietta's commercial spaces include rodents like rats and mice, insects such as cockroaches, ants, and termites, as well as occasional invaders like spiders and silverfish.

How do pests typically enter commercial buildings in Marietta?

Pests can enter commercial buildings in Marietta through various entry points such as gaps in doors and windows, cracks in the foundation, vents, and pipes. They may also be brought in through deliveries or hitch a ride on clothing and packages.

What health risks do pests pose to employees and customers in Marietta's commercial spaces?

Pests can transmit diseases, contaminate food and surfaces, trigger allergies, and cause property damage in commercial establishments in Marietta. This poses health risks to employees and customers, potentially leading to illnesses and legal liabilities.

How can I prevent pest infestations in my Marietta-based commercial property?

To prevent pest infestations, ensure regular maintenance of the property, including sealing cracks and crevices, proper waste management, maintaining cleanliness, and implementing integrated pest management practices. Regular inspections by professionals can also help in early detection and prevention.

What pest control methods are environmentally friendly and safe for commercial properties in Marietta?

Environmentally friendly pest control methods for commercial properties in Marietta include using baits, traps, exclusion techniques, and botanical-based pesticides. Integrated pest management (IPM) approaches focus on minimizing chemical usage and emphasizing prevention and non-toxic control measures.

What are the signs of a pest infestation that commercial property owners should look out for in Marietta?

Signs of a pest infestation in Marietta's commercial properties include droppings, gnaw marks, nesting materials, unusual odors, damaged goods, and sightings of pests during daylight hours. Additionally, employees or customers may report seeing pests or experiencing bites.

What steps should be taken if a pest infestation is suspected in a Marietta-based commercial establishment?

If a pest infestation is suspected, it's crucial to contact a professional pest control service in Marietta immediately. Avoid attempting DIY methods as they may worsen the situation or pose risks to health and safety. Schedule an inspection and follow the recommendations provided by the pest control experts.

Are there any regulations or laws regarding pest control for commercial properties in Marietta?

Yes, there are regulations and laws in Marietta governing pest control for commercial properties. These may include health codes, environmental regulations, and local ordinances. It's essential for commercial property owners to comply with these regulations to maintain a safe and healthy environment for employees and customers.

How often should commercial properties in Marietta undergo pest inspections?

The frequency of pest inspections for commercial properties in Marietta depends on various factors such as the type of business, previous pest history, and environmental conditions. However, it's generally recommended to have regular inspections at least quarterly or more frequently if there's a higher risk of infestation.

What should be included in a pest control plan for commercial properties in Marietta?

A comprehensive pest control plan for commercial properties in Marietta should include measures for prevention, monitoring, identification, treatment, and follow-up. It should be tailored to the specific needs and challenges of the property, considering factors such as the type of pests, building structure, and industry regulations.

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